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Vyno dienos present – First Cider Festival in Baltics

For the first time in the Baltic States there will be a Cider Festival – not anywhere else, but in „Vyno dienos“! The organizers of Cider festival, huge lovers of cider and calvados, cider bar „Sarkozy“ said that this year we will meet some of the best apple growers and cider makers of Estonia, Latvia and other European regions. „We love apples and it has been five years now we educate and promote kraft cider and calvados in Lithuania. Thus, we decided that it’s time to have a cider festival both in Lithuania and in the Baltic States,“ said Titas Mantas Urbonas, cider and calvados expert.

The first cider festival in the Baltic States will not be big, but it will be a great start to the idea that will further grow in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. „Vyno dienos“ is the best place for the development of this event, with thousands of curious, educated, drinks and food loving people.