The Largest Wine Exhibition in the Northern Europe


“Vyno dienos” invite art lovers as well

This year “Vyno dienos” will give an opportunity to admire the art. The photo exhibition “Georgia in the bunch of grapes” will lead us to sunny Georgia, which, because of old wine-making traditions, is sometimes called the wine cradle. The exhibition author, Ramunė Kerdokaitė Vlasenkienė, a journalist, photographer, public relations specialist, member of the board of the Kaunas Photographic Club, traveled in this country capturing Georgian households, natural beauty, historic places, people and, of course, grapes. Therefore, in photos, we will feel the pride Georgians feel regarding their country, loyalty to deep traditions and respect for wine making. While taking pictures photographer looked deeper into traditions of toasts, the wisdom they contain, the role of Tamadas – the great Georgian toast makers and the leads of each meal, and the culture of wine consumption in the Caucasus countries. It is evident that grapes play an exceptional role not only in Georgian life, but in the photos in the exhibition as well.