The Largest Wine Exhibition in the Baltics

Registration for Professionals

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We invite industry professionals:

  • HoReCa representatives
  • Retail representatives
  • Wine & Spirits importers
  • Members of Sommelier Association
  • Wine & Spirits industry related students
  • Wine & Food press, bloggers & writers.

to register to visit the exhibition.


We kindly remind you that only registered professionals are entitled to purchase a ticket for € 13.2.

Tickets with discount code can be purchased only through the link that is sent to you with the confirmation of the registration. At the exhibition, there will be no opportunity to purchase tickets with a discount.

This registration allows two employees from one company register as professionals. To register more employees, please contact us by e-mail or by phone +370 5 215 94 38.

After registering, the confirmation will be sent within 2 working days.

We cannot guarantee that the discount code will be sent if registering after the registration has been closed.

Registration form

It is compulsory to confirm that you are an industry professional by providing a document confirming your job title in specified company (e.g. a copy of employee ID card or a link to your contact in a website of the company) when registering.

It is compulsory to confirm that you are an industry professional by ticking box "I am a student/graduate of sommelier school, LSA member, certified sommelier" when registering.

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